What Coaches & Players Are Saying About Tee Stackers...


"I really love the Tee Stackers and was impressed with how they make you focus on the balls and keep your swing level. The Tee Stackers make hitting off the tee more fun and challenging! I plan to include them in my new drill book coming out next year."

Michele Smith, Two Time USA Olympic Gold Medalist

"If you are looking for a way to teach the proper pathway through the strike zone, well the Tee Stacker will do that for you even if your are not there. This is an inexpensive device that a team or individual can use to teach a proper bat path through the zone to extension. I use it in my private lessons in both softball and baseball and with my professional baseball players. It's just another great tool to help our young athletes."

Greg Riddoch, former Manager San Diego Padres 1990-92, Major League Coach San Diego Padres 1987-90, Tampa Bay Devil Rays Major League Coach 1998-99, Director of Player Development-Cincinnati Reds 1983-85, Director of Player Development San Diego Padres 1986, Director of Player Development Milwaukee Brewers 2000-03, Instructor Mary Nutter National Sports Clinics, Instructor Higher Ground Softball Camps

"Tee Stackers give instant feedback for hitters that want to perfect their mechanics and increase their power by hitting thru the ball. Perfect for station work at large camps or practices when coaches are not always around".

Kelly Inouye Perez, Head Coach UCLA

"Incredible product! We have been using them in practice daily, and love the ability to hit in different planes off a tee. Using Tee Stackers challenges my players and increases their motivation in hitting drills".

Kirk Walker, Head Softball Coach Oregon State University

"I like products that encourage players to practice and the "Tee Stacker" does just that. It's a fun way to challenge the student's eye-hand coordination."

Don Slaught, Former Major League Baseball Player,
Detroit Tigers Hitting Coach

"We used the Tee Stackers at our Higher Ground Softball Camps and the instructors and players LOVED them. They allow the critical time on tees to become more effective, more challenging, and more fun. Having the ability to alter the location of multiple balls on just one stem makes hitting practice much more productive. And, they are a very economical way to do all of this, while taking up almost no space in the equipment bag. They definitely produce big benefits from a small package. "

Bobby Simpson, Founder/CEO of Higher Ground Softball,
former Head Coach of the British National Team

"Tee Stackers are the most efficient way to work on hitting pitches in both the high and low swing planes"

Jodie Legaspi, NCAA All American at UCLA, PFX Pro Player

"I used the Tee Stackers during our Advanced Camp and received positive feedback from the camp attendees. The Tee Stackers helped them to hit through the ball, and the kids asked to use them. "

Donna Papa, Head Coach University of North Carolina

"I can certainly see the value of using the Tee Stackers for instant swing feedback. It's great to find a way to keep our players engaged in learning the fundamentals of hitting on the tees. Thanks!"

Margo Jonker, Head Coach Central Michigan University

"I like the Tee Stackers a lot and so do my players. They are a legitimate and fundamentally sound training tool."

Betsy Hipple, Head Coach Claremont-MUDD-Scripps Colleges

"Garber H.S., Garber, OK, Fastpitch team started using the Tee Stackers this fall, and saw immediate feedback with the device. The girls love the competition and understand the importance of a proper swing using the Tee Stackers. It became so much fun for the girls that they started a club, known as the TEE STACKER 3-Ball Club. Every girl who hit 3 balls off the tee qualified for membership. The greatest thing about using Tee Stackers is that the hitter has fun doing a drill while learning the proper swing plane at the same time."

Terry Bolin, Head Coach Garber High School

Tee Stacker 3 Ball Club
Garber HS players wearing their 3 Ball Club tee shirts

"I really enjoyed using the Tee Stackers because it was a challenge. It really helped me keep my eyes on the ball and to swing on plane. It took me forever to get into the TEE STACKER 3-Ball Club but it was well worth it. "

Sierra Chartier, Garber High School Softball Player

"The Tee Stackers were a huge boost in all age divisions to our organizations production at the plate. Almost immediately upon breaking them out of the package our teams’ consistency and batting average improved greatly! Each girl has a lot more fun using the Tee-Stackers over the regular Tee now. And being able to hit different planes off of one Tee keeps their attention longer and makes it much more challenging! Our goal at the beginning of year was to win a National Championship and we did! Thanks Tee Stackers!"

Jaime Foutch, Manager Oklahoma Dynamites Badside, PFX Pro Player, Former All-American at OSU


Hitting with Tee Stackers at Camp!

Hitting with Tee Stackers