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Get To Know Our Team...

Gametime Training Tools was founded by Sandy Fischer, a highly successful and respected former Division I Collegiate Softball Coach.   Starting with a simple idea to help players improve their hitting mechanics, Sandy created our signature product,  Tee Stackers.   Sandy collaborated with Kirk Walker, Head Softball Coach at Oregon State University and well known hitting clinician, in the rigorous product testing phase of development.    Sharing their creative energies, extensive knowledge of softball, and dedication to player development, Sandy and Kirk are excited to introduce Tee Stackers to the softball and baseball market.

About Sandy Fischer:

Sandy FischerSandy completed a stellar twenty three year coaching career at Oklahoma State University, in which her teams made six appearances at the NCAA Women's College World Series and won nine Conference Championships.  Sandy was selected  Midwest Region Coach of the Year five times and was named National Coach of the Year in 1989. She has coached 26 All-Americans, including Olympic players Michele Smith and Melanie Roche. Sandy achieved the 900 win milestone in her career in 2001.

Softball has been a way of life for Sandy, as she has played at every level of the game. As the starting pitcher for Western Illinois University, she led her team to the Women's Collegiate World Series in 1972, 1973, and 1975. She also played in the Women's Professional Softball League from 1976-1979 with the championship Connecticut Falcons team.  Sandy was recently inducted into the prestigious National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame in December 2008.

After relocating to Central Oregon in 2011, Sandy once again returned to coaching softball... this time at the High School level as the new coach of the brand new Ridgeview High School in Redmond, OR.


Our  Philosophy:

Everyone would agree that game performance starts on the practice field.  Finding ways to help players develop sound fundamentals and correct mechanics is  a challenge for every coach.  The development of motor skills is greatly enhanced when feedback is immediate. This allows a player to process the information both visually and kinesthetically,  making the necessary adjustments.  The adage, "practice makes perfect" only applies if you are practicing correctly!   We created Tee Stackers to provide instant feedback on a player's swing mechanics. We believe this innovative training tool will make a significant difference in the quality of hitting practice, which translates to improved batting averages and game performance.