Tee Stackers Basic Set Up

Initial Set Up:

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Tee Stackers are intended to be used with sturdy single and double tees.  Some lightweight travel tees may not support the weight of multiple balls.

Step 1Place the cord in the groove around the base of the Tee  Stacker and tighten the cord lock.


Step 2Loop the other end of the cord around the tee stem with the cord lock facing away from the hitting side and tighten.  It is important to place the cord close to the bottom of the tee to keep the bottom ball from falling.



Step 3The Tee Stacker 2 Pack comes with 2 Tee Stackers. This allows you to use one Tee Stacker between each ball or to connect both Tee Stackers for greater distance between the balls.  When using the "double stack", the cord can be attached to the base of either stacker.  Set the height of the tee to establish the height of the first ball.  Place the first ball directly on the tee and then place a Tee Stacker on the smooth surface of the ball, avoiding the seams.  It may take a few adjustments to find the proper balance point for the Tee Stacker.  Place the second ball on the Tee Stacker, again making the needed adjustments to find the balance point.  It is much easier to stack and balance the balls by looking from the side rather than straight down on the balls.

Hitting With Tee Stackers:

The hitter sets up in proper hitting position for the tee placement. Proper tee position should be at the level of the front foot when the stride is completed. Slight variation may occur for inside and outside pitches.

Hitting the top ball cleanly will result in the remaining ball(s) staying in place. Poor hitting mechanics or a bad swing will result in immediate feedback by knocking the remaining balls off the tee.

Watch for over rotating or swinging too hard as this will cause the bat to move “off plane to the ball” which will cause a topping of the ball.  Additionally, casting of the barrel out side the ball will cause the hitter to get off plane with the ball and knock all of the balls off the tee. Topping the ball or getting off plane will cause the balls and Tee Stackers to fall off.

Two Ball Stack Set Up  Correct Swing with Tee Stackers

Kinge Bouma, former Dutch National Team Catcher hitting with a Tee Stacker

Video of practice session with Tee Stackers

Tee Stacker Set Up

Tee Set Up

Tee Stacker Set Up