The Tee Stacker 3-Ball Club!

One evening I received a phone call from a softball coach at a small high school in Garber, Oklahoma.  Coach Bolin had purchased a package of Tee Stackers and introduced them to his players at fall practice. 

He told me his best player immediately stacked 3 balls on the tee using the Tee Stackers and proceeded to hit them one by one smoothly off the tee the first time!  The rest of the team couldn't believe it, so they challenged her to do it again.  She restacked the balls, and again hit all three balls successfully.   After that she challenged the rest of the players to do the same thing saying, "anyone who hit all three stacked balls off the tee cleanly two times in a row at practice could join her in the 3 Ball Club." 

The players started coming to practice early to hit off the tee with the Tee Stacker 3 ball stack set-up in order to qualify for the 3 Ball Club!  Coach Bolin told me his players never spent so much time on the tee before and that the Tee Stackers really challenged his players to improve their swings and they were having great fun doing it.

After several weeks of practice, all the players made it in to the 3 Ball Club and they even had bright neon green tee shirts made with Tee Stackers 3 Ball Club printed on them!

Here is what Coach Bolin and one of his players had to say about Tee Stackers:

"Garber H.S., Garber, OK, Fastpitch team started using the Tee Stackers this fall, and saw immediate feedback with the device. The girls love the competition and understand the importance of a proper swing using the Tee Stackers. It became so much fun for the girls that they started a club, known as the TEE STACKER 3-Ball Club. Every girl who hit 3 balls off the tee qualified for membership. The greatest thing about using Tee Stackers is that the hitter has fun doing a drill while learning the proper swing plane at the same time."

Terry Bolin, Head Coach Garber High School

Tee Stacker 3 Ball Club

"I really enjoyed using the Tee Stackers because it was a challenge. It really helped me keep my eyes on the ball and to swing on plane. It took me forever to get into the TEE STACKER 3-Ball Club but it was well worth it. "

Sierra Chartier, Garber High School Softball Player

Rules for the 3 Ball Club:

  • Stack 3 balls on a standard sturdy tee (not a travel tee) on level ground.
  • Player must hit each ball off the tee cleanly without causing them to fall, and repeat it.
  • Must be completed and witnessed at practice.

Thanks to Coach Bolin for sharing this fun story.   Create the 3 Ball Club Challenge on your team.  It's a great team building exercise that can go on throughout the season. 


3 Ball Club Tee Shirt
Garber HS player wearing the 3 Ball Club tee shirt